Keep your customers up to date. Anytime. Anywhere.

Welcome Service

Thank You Service

Attract Former Roaming Customers

Send "Welcome" messages to foreign roamers, welcoming them to the country and providing extra information.

Send "Thank you" messages to foreign roamers who leave the country, thanking them for using your network and services.

Inform customers about change of network provider and offer comeback benefits.

Inform Subscribers About Tariffs

Callback Assistance

Inform your own subscribers about roaming tariffs abroad.

Inform callers about callees that have re-entered the network.

Key Benefits

  • Increase operator’s brand loyalty by an effective communication with the customers by means of personalized offers.
  • Increase inbound roamers traffic by communicating with them and informing about network changes, tariffs, offers, etc…
  • Stimulates new calls for completing previous none-established calls due to the missing of B subscriber.