The SS7 Signalling fraud detection

About Frauda

While capturing entire signaling around the mobile network, the Frauda module is designed to correlate the signaling and identify the possible fraudulent scenarios for both Voice and Data services.

SS7 Interconnect

SMS Spoofing

Identify the prohibited and unauthorized packets from different operators.

Detection of manipulated originator identity for Mobile Originated messages.

SMS Faking

IMSI Fishing

Detection of manipulated originating network entity for Mobile Terminated messages.

Detection of attempts to retrieve IMSI and location information by means of SMS-based services.

SMS Bypass

SMS Spam

Detect real-time SMS Bypass.

Detect SMS-based campaigns using keyword filtering (SPAM).

AA19 Agreement Circumvention

IRSF Fraud

Misusing foreign SMSCs.

Terminated traffic on local PLMN.

Key Benefits

  • Frauda helps operators to prevent revenue leakage.
  • Based on available statistics, it helps operators to negotiate interconnect agreements.
  • Prevents customers frustration by early identification of Voice and SMS fraud.