A new way to reach your customers

About Adverta

Through its flexibility and its advanced segmentation capabilities, Adverta aims to deliver the right message at the right time to the right subscriber.
Messages can go from basic emergency information up to tailor-made marketing campaigns that encourage own subscribers and roamers to use specific mobile services.

By combining RAN signaling and network topology Adverta provides a segmentation campaign management solution that promotes different services to multiple subscriber categories in real time. The advertisement could take into account the subscriber unique profiles, service usage behavior, traffic history and many other parameters. Overall the solution could be used for real time communication with the customers which at the end could result in increasing user experience.

Advertising customers with location dependent messages.
New "Area" visitor – send a special message with an offer, information, etc...

B2B interface for additional revenue streams.

Advertise new network functionalities based on the subscriber’s handset capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Support of "restricted hours". Send advertisements only in a specific time frame: an hour, day, etc...
  • Support for subscriber profiles. Allows the service to be enabled or disabled for selected subscribers and to define the message set and message delivery scenario for this profile.
  • Stimulates subscribers to use new network features suitable for their handsets – increases ARPU.
  • Increase loyalty and reduces churn by providing different QoS dependant offers.