Introducing the Voxa Solution

At Voxa Solution, we believe that being able to communicate fast, clearly and effectively to the customer can reduce churn and generate additional revenue.

Voxa is an innovative solution that empowers mobile operators to reach out to subscribers in a new way. With SMS services in multiple languages, your subscribers can stay up to date with guides, promotional offers, network information and many other services. Our solution also takes care of network fraud, with more than 6 different methods of detecting fraudulent activity.

The Voxa platform is compatible with any probe monitoring solution.


Adverta is a smart mobile advertising solution. It’s revolutionary engine allows providers to advertise to their customers in a precise and effecient manner.

Operators can now choose when, where and with what specific content subscribers will receive their advertisements. It’s the first service of its kind, and we’re more than happy to introduce it to you.


Support of “restricted hours”. Send advertisements only in a specific time frame: an hour, day, etc…


Support for subscriber profiles. Allows the service to be enabled or disabled for selected subscribers and to define the message set and message delivery scenario for this profile.


Event triggering based on the user identity, handset type and location.

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Frauda detects signalling fraud in a new and unique way using custom algorithms designed by our engineers to work in real-time.

Frauda can detect SMS and voice fraud by correlating network activity databases, using special algorithms that give you an edge over a wide variety of fraud types. With our solution, users are secured and protected from any form of spam.


Frauda can analyze any SS7 Signaling Message and easily correlate it with the desired fraud pattern.


The Frauda solution can be installed on available vendor probes and commodity servers hardware and/or fully virtualised environment.


Frauda can analyse and detect signaling fraud for voice and data service simultaneously.

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With SMS services ranging from informing roamers, offering special deals for winning back customers and helping re-establish uncompleted calls.Informa is the full package for any company looking for a complete, diverse and very dynamic solution that can adapt to any situation.

Full Coverage

Supports sending valuable information to both own subscribers and roamers, inbound and outbound.

Winning Back Clients

Informa gives you the ability to lure back foreign roaming clients from other networks.

Callback Service

Inform callers about callees that have regained network service.

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Voxa Solution Benefits

  • Creates a competitive advantage when competing with other local networks.
  • Benefits from available probing system as input information.
  • Maximizes usage and revenue as subscribers are more likely to use more the service when informed.
  • Builds brand loyalty and decreases churn; increases customer satisfaction by providing roaming subscribers with valuable information.

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